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Save with MCE Service


Save with MCE Service

PG&E and MCE Cost Comparisons

MCE offers competitive rates for cleaner power. We partner with PG&E to give you comparisons of electric rates and average monthly charges as well as comparisons of power sources.

The electric charges on your bill can be simplified into two categories: Electric Delivery and Electric Generation.

PG&E delivery rates are the same for MCE customers. Generation rates vary depending on the service that you choose: PG&E, MCE Light Green, MCE Deep Green, or MCE Local Sol.

If you choose MCE service, PG&E will also add additional fees to your bill. We always include these added fees in cost comparisons.

Average Annual Savings

$5.9 Million: 2014 rate savings
$10.6 Million: estimated 2015 rate savings

Average Residential Electric Charges


Average Commercial Electric Charges


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